Are you the next PowerApps superstar?

You’ve made it! Welcome to our premium learning platform with focus on Microsoft PowerApps. Our goal is very easy: let you become a PowerApps superstar! A long time ago we have started building our knowledge into this great low code platform, and we are aware that this can be quite a journey.

So to help you out, we decided to create this platform, stuffed with all kind of lectures that you can use at any point in time: to get started, when you are stuck or just because you want to learn. Our lectures are divided in 3 categories: video lectures, tutorials and templates. Read more about it in the next section.

And if that’s not enough, all our lectures have a dedicated support page on our forum. So if you are stuck with a lecture , just reach out to us through the forum or review our answers to previous questions.

We truly hope you enjoy our content and do let us know if you have any question! Cheers, the Appfie team.


What can you expect?

Video lectures

Get an understanding on various PowerApps topics through our high-quality screen recordings. And if you’re stuck, use the dedicated forum to find an answer. You’ll become a superstar in no time.


Get hands-on and follow our tutorials. If you don’t like to follow the tutorial and just want to see the end result, we actually provide you with the downloadable PowerApps file!


No more starting from scratch (that’s old school right?). Browse through our PowerApps function-based templates, and download them! This way you can save a huge amount of time, as we did part of the work for you.